Eric Spence is an award winning, emerging fine art photographer whose work focuses mainly on our perception of the natural world.

Eric studied psychology at York and Simon Fraser Universities. Professionally he has been an award winning designer and brand strategist. That same excellence has followed him into being recognized with 15 international awards for his fine art photography over 2015/16.

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Why name my company, F/8? If you were to read F/8 as simply a letter and a digit, you’d probably think it refers to the aperture setting on a camera. Fair enough. But there’s more than meets the eye.

Looked at from a different perspective, you could also read it as a word – fate.

F/8 encapsulates the essence of who I am and what I do. It is equal parts photographic skill and destiny, that feeds my passion to create fine art and compels me to see nature from a different angle.

This provides endless fascination with the complexity of our reality, while discovering the delicate design of the Creator at every turn. And while I am yet spellbound by the light, shadows, colours and forms, I weave these perceptions into the work. The world is my garden. F/8 is my playground.

My hope is that my photographs will inspire others to take time to discover the value, beauty and richness of this wonderful world in which we live.

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